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Mercury Organizing Professionals & Design Studio, Inc..

Mercury Organizing Professionals & Design Studio, Inc. 
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  • Executive Coaching
  • Office Organizing
  • Home Organizing
  • Room Organizing
  • Storage Organizing
  • Moving and relocations services
  • Staging home/office for sale

   Do you want to gain more control of your space?

Enjoy the benefits and peace of mind of having an organized environment. Reduce stress caused by clutter. Work and live in an efficient and comfortable space. 

As professional organizers, we can show you, inspire you and motivate you to reduce your clutter, make more efficient use of your space, and help you move in a more productive direction.  

Are you feeling disorganized?

Are you a small business or a home office manager tackling a growing "To Do" list? Are you feeling stressed by your home filled with clutter? Have old electronics lying around, accumulating paperwork, cluttered closet filled with clothes that don't fit but can't figure out what to do with them?
Are you feeling overwhelmed by tasks, projects, and paperwork piling up on your desk or credenza?

Mercury Organizing Professionals and Design Studio can save you time, money, improve efficiency, and reduce anxiety and frustration levels. We can improve utilization and control of your space; streamline filing, storage and scheduling systems, and help set sustainable organizational parameters. 

Mercury Organizing Professionals provides a personalized plan for you. We put clutter in its right place and create efficient systems that eliminate obstacles, minimize distraction, and allow you to function at your best!

Call 312-804-2111 for Chicago area assessments

Living in another state? Assessments are available via phone or internet sources


You're not ready to have us work with you in person? 


Do you want to get organized but don't know where to start?  
Send us your pictures and/or excellent description of your space.
We will help you get on your way and give you a strategy, give you
instructions on how to complete your project yourself.
This is a one hour strategy consultation (telephone conference only).

Call Elizabeth: 312-804-2111 to schedule your appointment.