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Meet Elizabeth Lulu Miranda

You can call Elizabeth Miranda inspired and motivated. She is an innovative and resourceful organizer who loves to help people create a better way for themselves. Ever since, as a child, her mother found her in the kitchen re-arranging the silverware and utensil drawers, Elizabeth has had a passion for organization and efficiency.

A lifelong Chicagoan, she traveled extensively through Europe before earning a BA in Communications from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and pursuing a career in television production. The inspiration for Mercury Organizing Professionals came while working evenings and weekends at her local YMCA as a volunteer ”Commit to be Fit" coach. 

 “At the Y, I changed my priorities and learned what I really love doing," She said.

"I discovered that I was a good motivator and realized I had a knack for helping people change their habits and take stronger control of their environment and lives. It was rewarding to see my clients get rid of some old habits and start new healthy ones."

This experience led Elizabeth to continue helping people change their negative habits by organizing them and showing them a better way to keep things together, reduce clutter, and reduce stress.

How did the name 'Mercury Organizing' come about?

Who ARE the Mercury Organizing Professionals

The company name was chosen with the concept of the planet Mercury's retrograde in mind. Three to four times a year the planet Mercury appears to slow down and appears to reverse direction in its cycle. People commonly attributed technical malfunctions, setbacks, lost luggage, obstructions, misunderstandings, and sudden unexplained 'out of the ordinary' events, to the Mercury Retrograde. They were advised to take things slowly during this stage of the cycle, to look at the details, and take extra precautions. Out of this came an awareness that instead of feeling loss of control and disappointment, one can create an advantageous moment, to redo, reassess, review, reconsider, and reorganize their activities.

"I discovered that the concept of Mercury retrograde is quite meaningful. Whether you rewrite your business proposal, take time out to do the things you enjoy or reordering your messy cluttered closet. Mercury retrograde is about finding the treasures you hold, finding what really matters to you and honoring them.”

Mercury Organizing Professionals find no project too difficult. We make it our purpose to help people navigate through these setbacks, or periods of feeling overwhelmed, by assisting them in removing obstacles and creating stronger systems that they can use to become more productive, focus and relieved.


Mercury Oprganizing Professionals & Design Studio, Inc.

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