New school year, new triumphs…more collectibles.


Now that the kids are back in school you are getting organized and ready for a full schedule of performances, sports and spelling bees. These are wonderful times for you to watch your children grow and achieve something that is special to them. You’re also getting ready to take photos and collect ribbons, trophies, and enjoy the triumphs of these special moments.

The joy of having a young achiever in your household is that you will have many more trophies to showcase. What happens when years go by and the kids have outgrown their toys and these childhood keepsakes?  How do you keep them so that  they don’t “take over” your home? Did you know that you could donate or recycle them?

Being a collector comes with responsibility. Showcase your trophies as long as you have room for them, or for as long as you find inspiration or motivation from them. If there is no reason to keep them, then it is time to store them. Keep them in a keepsake box if it is imperative to keep them. If you are ready to donate then visit Lamb Awards & Engraving. They created a recycle program where you can ship them your old trophies.  This way you are not adding to the land fill while the next generation can enjoy their latest triumphs. Review your keepsakes from time to time and ask yourself if you can donate or recycle any of them.

Make your Labor Day weekend more about relaxing and less about working

Organizing your labor day weekend away can make all the difference to having a great time. Prepare a little in advance and you will spare yourself a lot of work later. Your quick get-away could easily turn into everything else but the fun and relaxation you were hoping for. Plan your time properly and your trip will be more enjoyable with all your belongings and supplies. There is nothing worse than leaving behind any important articles of clothing; for instance, your swimsuit when you were planning to go swimming. Sure, you can buy a new one somewhere, but why spend more money than you have to.

To Start


Write down a list of activities you plan on doing while you’re away.


Make a list of the things you need for yourself and family or companions.

Give yourself time to pack, you may have a departure time to accommodate so why not have extra time to check over last minute items or tasks. Are there any plants needing water?


Write down important contact information to leave with someone in case of emergency.


Don’t forget to smile and let the journey be the adventure.
Check in when you get back and find some tips to get the fall season started on a good foot.

Happy Holiday!