Family Grounds Cafe – A great place to have a networking series

Hope you can join us at The Family Grounds Cafe.  We’ve prepared a networking series with guest speakers for two dates in August and then in September.  Our organizer Lulu will be speaking on August 9th sharing best tips on how to achieve results using basic organizing methods. On August 16th we’ll feature Beth Grant. She is a speaker, spiritual mentor and Law of Attraction coach based in Chicago. She is one of the most effective coaches in the world at helping people let go of the struggle and usher in a life of ease and grace.  Click here to preview details for event

Family Grounds is a sophisticated Chicago cafe located in the Lakeview area. Moms, Dads, Singles, Students, Neighbors…everyone needs a break. Really. We have something for that. Sit down in our trendy Chicago cafe seating area and call the place yours with free WiFi and superb Intelligentsia coffee and Sugar & Spice pastries, as well as a light menu of sandwiches (adults and kids), salads and soups. Melt away your stress over a latte, tea, house blend coffee and a decadent pastry. Unlike many cafes we have a designated Family Room separated from the main cafe by soundproof glass, kids play in a mind-stimulating indoor playground while you take in the cafe ambiance of the Family Grounds Cafe experience.

We will be joining them in sponsoring this networking series. Did you already know Mercury Organizing Professionals’ purpose is to save you time, money, improve efficiency, and reduce anxiety and frustration levels. We can improve utilization and control of your space;  streamline filing, storage and scheduling systems, and help set sustainable organizational parameters.  Mercury Organizing Professionals provides a personalized plan for you. We put clutter in its right place and create efficient systems that eliminate obstacles, minimize distraction, and allow you to function at your best!

Gift cards, you know you love them

What do you do with the gift cards you receive? I found that the best thing to do is to put them away immediately into your wallet and treat them as cash. Giving a gift card away as a gift isn’t really a personal gift but it sure is practical. Sometimes its better to give someone what they need.

When you come across a gift card that you know you won’t spend at the store try exchanging it for a store that you will shop at. Use the website service called Plastic Jungle.

It is a gift card online exchange. They convert your gift cards into other forms of spending power – including cash, online balances for purchases. honoring merchants that accept PayPal, Facebook Credits and more.


Take a minute to teach your kids

Do you wonder if you can ever teach your children how to pick up after themselves? Do you struggle to get your adolescent kids to do their chores. Why not make their chores fun and have them earn something they would enjoy as an incentive. If you start them at a young age, they will actually appreciate it and start a new good habit they will want to keep for the rest of their lives.

Call your game “Minute to Win It ” just like the TV Game Show. This game show airs on TV and has found some success with young viewers. The idea is to complete a task with in a minute and you get to move on to the next challenge. They use regular household items to compete for the big money.

At home, you can use a timer and challenge your kids for a minute to pick up as many items off their bedroom floor for instance. Another, could be to load the dishwasher in one minute with out breaking anything, of course. To list a few more ideas; try some of these yourself and have fun.  Put the groceries away, separate the laundry and start a load.  Make your beds.  All these and more chores can be incorporated into you family’s daily routine but finishing with a few laughs as well.