We launched the Mercury Design Studio Gallery today

I love art so much and from time to time will come across an artist’s vision with whom I make a connection. Their work will move me in some way that turns me to a loyal promoter. I decided that I can’t sit still without letting others know about them.

This season Mercury Design Studio is featuring Atlanta Photographer Jerry Maschinot. His work is currently showing at the Ravenswood Art Walk in the Northcenter area. in Chicago. In the Ravenswood corridor at 4001 N. Ravenswood 3rd floor. Maschinot’s current work is from his Auto Series, 11 medium and large-scale prints of car ornaments, truck doors, and detailed auto parts. Each print is highly textural and highlights the rust, blue, green and gray patinas of a weathered junkyard.

“River of Rust”

Maschinot’s early work was as a ceramicist, working with Raku vessels and forms. His Auto Series prints make use of his ceramicist’s eye for three dimensions, and for variations in subtle colors.

He is based in Cave Springs, GA (near Atlanta) and has shown his work in Chicago, Atlanta, Kansas City, Birmingham, Cincinnati and other cities across the U.S.


We met somebody fabulous today! updated…

Finding a favorite consigner is like finding your favorite electrician, handyman or something like it. A consignment shop you like can be like finding a new best friend. What a better way to make room for new things in your life then to get rid of old clothes. Some people confess to us that they just don’t know what to do with these unwanted items. They know they have good quality clothes but they may just be tired of them. Giving away responsibly is really their only challenge.

A consignment shop like “The Haute Spot” in Chicago is a great resource to put these clothes in a consignment arrangement.  In addition, if they don’t sell,  The Haute Spot will donate them for you and give you the tax sheet for your records. How cool is that? We find this service to be very helpful to our clients. As an organizer who wants to save our clients time and money, we are happy when they can earn some cash back in the process. Cha-Ching! Did you just get cash back for your next trip to the mall?

The Haute Spot has been nominated this month in the Time Out Chicago magazine. Check them out and vote for your favorite consignment shop.

UPDATE: Reviewing the Oct. 25th, 2012  issue of Time Out Chicago and discovered that our favorite Consignment Shoppe was selected in the Best of Chicago’s Consignment category. Congratulations Haute Spot!