Making a home safe for children.

Young children just learning to crawl create a new challenge for parents.  Parents don’t want to restrict or limit their child’s ability to explore their world, so the question on how to create a safe environment comes up. A parent’s concern to keep the home safe for their little ones can be daunting. Luckily, there are some easy safeguards like safety door handles, safety locks and socket caps.


One of our clients, however, experienced an additional challenge.  Our client who owns and plays an upright bass, keeps it in their home. He found it necessary to secure the large and potentially dangerous instrument from his baby.

Our organizing & design studio team found a solution to keep this part of their home safe. Our first thought was to purchase one of those guitar braces, but we couldn’t find one large enough to keep the soft case and bass together. We ended up designing one and installing it in their home ourselves.  Our welder put it together and installed it easily in the part of the home where children won’t play.  Now, their lil’ one is free to roam without the threat of hurting himself.  Mom and dad can feel assured that they did their best to secure their house and make it a learning environment instead of a obstacle course.