Relocate, organize & design a modern inspired office

This spring we relocated an office from the Bucktown area to the west Old Town neighborhood. After reviewing the new office space we realized that the space would not accommodate all the desks they own.
Because their office only functions as a temporary work location for half the employees. We created a work station along the wall for people to work at temporarily.

We repurposed the owners kitchen cabinets and used them for the office supplies and storage space.

SAM_0854BEFORE Office Build out, We relocated this office and re-purposed their cabinets.  IMAG3174  IMAG3203SAM_0864

The desks were inspired by a modern design we saw at a high end office space downtown Chicago.

IMAG3140     IMAG3141IMAG3139 




SAM_0918 SAM_0920 SAM_0921 SAM_0924



SAM_0913   Office Space