Organizing Homes

  • Kitchens: Shelves, cupboards, pantries, wall racks organized.

  • Basements and Garages: Get rid of clutter; create more usable space, discover creative and affordable storage concepts for tools, stored household items, and home repair tools.

  • Closets and Utility Rooms:  Maximize space utilization. Discover room you didn’t know you had for clothing, shoes, cleaning supplies and equipment.

  • Children’s Rooms: Ideas for toy and game storage.

  • Home Offices: Create a streamlined, attractively illuminated  work space that inspires creativity, and encourages completion of routine tasks you’ve been avoiding. We give your desk and files an organization and logic that will simplify your life. Creating essential files; birth, marriage, military, family/genealogical records/ insurance policies, warranties, health records.

  • Scheduling: Utilize Microsoft’s Outlook program to its fullest. Keeping  home necessity shopping lists. Planning out your week  Setting goals.

  • Keys to Sustaining Home Organization:  Resolve to clear desk top before retiring at night; pay bills as they arrive.

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